Wirtualne Seminaria / Virtual Seminars



A good thing coming out of these crazy times we have around, globally, is a chance of (inforced by circumstances) forstering virtual communication between scietific communities with the help of Internet network.

I am myself a great fun of seminars, since my student times in early 1980’s. I do prefer so much participating in live events, discussions, seing and feeling emotions of others in direct contact. Well, let us use at least that what we have available. Besides, now we have an opportunity of expanding our contacts and learning globally, regardless where we live, where we work (or not).

Some events will require registration/acceptance from organizers. I may tell you though, based on my own short experience, that in most cases this is just a formality and most of the organizations will be happy to add you to their list of virtual participants.

Here is a list of a few sites where you are likely to find announcements about most interesting, current events around the world. I selected them based on my own interests. There is much more available to google out, if you care.


And let me have a call at this point: if your institution has an interesting virtual seminar or a free for access conference/meeting in subjects that in your opinion is close to these listed here - let me know, please? My email: softquake AT gmail.com.

Online Fundamental Physics Seminars - Google Sites: https://sites.google.com/site/onlinephysicsseminars/

International Center for Theoretical Physics: https://www.ictp.it/about-ictp/virtual-seminars.aspx

NYU Center for Soft Matter Research: https://as.nyu.edu/content/nyu-as/as/research-centers/csmr.html

Uniwersytet Warszawski: Nuclear Physics Seminars: http://sfj-ptf.slcj.uw.edu.pl/en/nuclear-physics-seminars/

Wydział Fizyki UW: https://www.fuw.edu.pl/seminars.html

Yale University, Wydział Fizyki: https://physics.yale.edu/calendar/all-events

Institute for Quantum Information and Matter, CalTech https://iqim.caltech.edu/2020/04/15/attend-a-virtual-seminar-iqim-amo-quantum-science/

Princeton University, Physics: https://phy.princeton.edu/events

University of Oxford: Physics: https://www2.physics.ox.ac.uk/research/seminars

Brown University (USA): https://www.brown.edu/academics/physics/2019-2020-condensed-matter-biophysics-seminars

Berkeley, Physics https://physics.berkeley.edu/events

University of Toronto, Physics https://www.physics.utoronto.ca/news-and-events/events/